About nutripeptin

NutriPeptin is a marine protein hydrolysate which lowers and stabilizes blood glucose, increases fat burning, and prolongs the feeling of satiety after meals.

NutriPeptin is a fat free (< 0.5 % fat) marine peptide powder containing ≥ 88 % crude protein. The powder has a sweet fish and crab like taste, and is fully soluble in cold water. It has a shelf life of 4 years when stored dry in the unopended package.

NutriPeptin is manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis of fish fillet or fish muscle protein; i e raw materials traditionally used for foods for human consumption. The raw material is hydrolysed using food approved processing technology including food approved non-GMO enzymes from Novozymes AS. Raw materials and manufacture meets all demands related to traceability and quality assurance.

NutriPeptin has several functional qualities relevant to current and growing worldwide health problems, particularly health conditions collectively named the metabolic syndrome including overweight, obesity, persistantly elevated levels of blood glucose and cholesterol, and high blood pressure, in the end leading to different cardiac diseases and diabetes type 2.

NutriPeptin´s functional qualities includes:

  • Lowers and stabilises postprandial blood glucose.
  • Lowers the glycemic index (GI) in foods
  • Increases the body´s burning of fat
  • Reduces appetite and prolongs the feeling of satiety following meals.
  • Acts as a regulator of satiety and may be used as weight managment tool.

NutriPeptin is fully approved for use in foods, neither is it classified as novel food according to EU regulations. The product is environment friendly as only raw material from sustainable fish species are used in process, and  the processing is free from solvents and other chemicals. 

NutriPeptin™ is a registered trademark in Norway, the EU, Russia, PR China, Japan, Mexico and Australia.


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